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recorded in live take at djungle studios by:

Jc- Vocals, rhythm guitar
Kimico- Bass
Spinola- Lead guitar
Rodrigo Alves- Drums

Sound engineering: Bolas, Marco Cipriano
Mixing and Mastering : Marco Cipriano


Hey man what you're gonna do when the noose gets tight?
Around that precious life, built up on credits and loans and lies
Hey Man, what you're gonna you gonna do when you're next in line?
Of mass marketed suicide? They make you famous at the cost of your life

So why do you even bother to breath?

Hey man you're looking like tomorrows are a waste of time
And all the money can't buy a sense of purpose or define who you are
hey man to be fair i guess we are all alike
just rats running off blind,put in a maze by the boys with cigars

so why do you even bother to breath?

We're machines, complying to function as slaves to the paychecks and pills
we're so clean, but rotting inside we're just maggots surrounded by skin
Surrounded by skin, surrounded

So why do you even bother to breath if the water is rising to the ceiling
to the ceiling…And all your dreams are thorn to pieces cut by deals imposed
by the system…so are you living?

You're just surviving my friend, your just surviving….


from Songs In the key of Doom PT2, released September 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Rejects United Lisboa, Portugal

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