Songs In the key of Doom PT2

by Rejects United

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released September 2, 2012



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Rejects United Lisboa, Portugal

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Track Name: Race of Men
Race of Men(Can I question)
Is it time?(for our extinction)
We had the time, we had the knowledge
but still we choose the profits the profits
Dear god hear us if you're our father, you education was a lousy disaster no…

Soon yes you will find, salvation is a lie
will you then see that survival lies inside
and there's no fucking way we'll get through darker days
In this state of mind

If evolution is sin, then we are bound to die like apes

Race of Men(Can I question)
Can we sign?(our extinction)
End it now, save the effort
Of thousand bombs killing us like insects, our great achievements gone in seconds
gone, gone

hope is not a matter of faith, in a savior that had a death wish since he was a kid
If history repeats then we are doomed to failure, despising trust and love
Money machines hungry for more

Soon yes we will find

Oh…we're the sons of destruction, we won't stop until we've burned it to the ground
Track Name: Hey Man
Hey man what you're gonna do when the noose gets tight?
Around that precious life, built up on credits and loans and lies
Hey Man, what you're gonna you gonna do when you're next in line?
Of mass marketed suicide? They make you famous at the cost of your life

So why do you even bother to breath?

Hey man you're looking like tomorrows are a waste of time
And all the money can't buy a sense of purpose or define who you are
hey man to be fair i guess we are all alike
just rats running off blind,put in a maze by the boys with cigars

so why do you even bother to breath?

We're machines, complying to function as slaves to the paychecks and pills
we're so clean, but rotting inside we're just maggots surrounded by skin
Surrounded by skin, surrounded

So why do you even bother to breath if the water is rising to the ceiling
to the ceiling…And all your dreams are thorn to pieces cut by deals imposed
by the system…so are you living?

You're just surviving my friend, your just surviving….
Track Name: Madoff Syndrome
Satisfy your greed, while societies expire
Soon you'll drag us all to the bottom with your lies
we'll see you drown in gold, empty morals, empty soul
There will never be enough to fill your pockets

Tomorrow's not your concern as long as you get yours
But the tides are rising and you'll get what you deserve
emotionless machine, the dollar is what you praise
but if we're all going down you'll be the first to get it…

You'll be the first to get it
Track Name: Atom Bomb
Atom Bomb, save us all
We need something strong, to make the next jump
To Blow it all, might be the solution

Aren't we all forgetting how we've crawled
now self assured bipeds of greed and destruction, Blow it all

Atom Bomb, save us all
We need something strong, to make the next jump

Aren't we all forgetting how we've crawled
now self assured bipeds of greed and destruction
We fucked it all now plead absolution
counting days to a non existent future
Blow it all

And when the red button is pressed who will you blame next?
and will your god come to earth to judge the bad and the worst
And when the skies turn red will your manners stay
The beast for centuries repressed will come to kill,do whatever saves his neck

All we are and could have have been, we run in circles we run in sin